Posted by Tammi Williams on Mar 20th 2021

This interview was conducted by my friend David Kaplan, a journalist and marketing editor for AdWeek. I've been neglecting this blog and David thought it could be fun to interview me for the purposes … read more

60 prints and Counting

Posted by Tammi Williams on Nov 13th 2020

I've made masks in 60 different prints so far. What can I say, I'm a print junkie. If you need a mask that fits well and looks good, visit my shop. I've got many prints available with more on the way. … read more

Upgrade Your Mask

Posted by Tammi Williams on Nov 11th 2020

yarn&whiskey masks ship with adjustable elastic ear loops, filter slot, and now, a nose wire for a better fit.Upgrade Your Mask from yarn&whiskey orders on Vimeo. … read more

When Mega Goes Colossal

Posted by Tammi Williams on Nov 11th 2020

Our Pop up Pouches have been available in two sizes for awhile now, but I've been wanting to make a pouch large enough for an in-progress sweater, afghan, or shawl. I figured it should be able to hold … read more

No More Leather Cords

Posted by Tammi Williams on Jun 17th 2020

I've decided to ditch leather cords on the drawstring bags. One customer reports a broken cord on her project bag. This one report is enough to concern me about the integrity of the leather cording on … read more