I'm Joining Team Swatch

Posted by Tammi Williams on Oct 6th 2022

When the sweater I'd been working on furiously over several months ended up too big to wear to Rhinebeck, it was time for me to take a hard look at the decisions that led me here.For as long as I've b … read more

My Rhinebeck Sweater

Posted by Tammi Williams on Sep 1st 2022

The cool breeze coming through my window at 4am as I write this can only mean one thing. Sweater weather is soon upon us. I'm going to Rhinebeck this year to shop til I drop and to meet up with new an … read more

Straps by Popular Demand

Posted by Tammi Williams on Aug 8th 2022

For quite some time now I've been asked about adding a strap to the Pop Up Pouch. I have resisted doing this for a number of reasons. First, I like my design as it is — it's a one piece construction a … read more

Introducing The Martha Tote

Posted by Tammi Williams on Aug 4th 2022

I've wanted to come out with a tote bag for a while, but I really wanted to make it mine. There are so many totes to choose from in the world and I wanted to put my own unique touch on the tote. I am … read more

Easy Seed Stitch Legwarmers

Posted by Tammi Williams on Jul 19th 2021

My friend Sam loves legwarmers and a few years ago, she asked me to knit her a pair. She provided the yarn — Cascade 220 in a pinkish/red hue — I freestyled a pattern using seed stitch and knit them u … read more