Favorite Things Hoodie

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Yarn & whiskey & coffee & cannabis are some of our favorite things, but maybe we want to be stealth about it. No logos emblazoned across your chest. The stylized molecular structures of wool, THC, caffeine, and whiskey join forces in a geometric design on this hoodie that will keep you cozy on chilly days. Check the size guide to find the right size for you. Choose from two colors, vanilla and cherry.

For size guidance, you should check the size guide, but when I ordered my hoodie, I was between two sizes. I ordered the larger size and wished I'd ordered the smaller size. It fit well in the waist and hips but was roomier than I wanted in the chest.

Also, the fabric of the hoodie is polyester. At this moment in time, Print On Demand companies can only print all-over prints on polyester fabrics.

I know there are less expensive options for all over print hoodies but Contrado is the only company that gives me insight into their supply chain. I wouldn't feel good about the possibility of items for my brand being made by people suffering under unethical labor practices.


This item will ship from my print-on-demand partner in the UK, Contrado. They pay their workers a livable wage and have ethical work practices. All items are digitally printed on deman which makes their production kinder to the environment. To read more about the company's values, click here.

I do not keep these items personally in stock in my studio. All orders and any customer service issues are handled by Contrado.

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