When Mega Goes Colossal

Posted by Tammi Williams on Nov 11th 2020

Our Pop up Pouches have been available in two sizes for awhile now, but I've been wanting to make a pouch large enough for an in-progress sweater, afghan, or shawl. I figured it should be able to hold about 10 skeins of yarn, along with your project and maybe your notions pouch. So I got to sample making. Here's what happened:

Turns out I made the biggest zipper pouch in the world. It's Colossal. It holds 4 of my sweaters. I didn't intend for it to be this large, but after posting the video to social media, I got a lot of interest in this pouch. People thought it would make a good storage pouch for special items. Someone commented that they'd want it so their "hand knit sweaters don't have to slum it with the store bought sweaters." I think it would make a good backpack with the right straps. 

Colossal is happening. For the moment, I'll be producing these as a Made to Order item. Customers will be able to choose their favorite print and I will produce the pouch. Once I find the right straps, I'll add a backpack or shoulder bag option.

Get yours here.