No More Leather Cords

Posted by Tammi Williams on Jun 17th 2020

I've decided to ditch leather cords on the drawstring bags. One customer reports a broken cord on her project bag. This one report is enough to concern me about the integrity of the leather cording on all bags purchased in the past month from my website or from a retailer. Due to the pandemic and the shut down of most retail stores in New York City, I was unable to source my cording from my usual supplier and went with a new-to-me online retailer. As I shopped around for another supplier, it occurred to me that most customers if given the choice, choose not to have the leather cord, selecting the waxed cotton cord option instead. For this reason, I will no longer offer leather cording as an option. It’s better for the planet anyway since it’s a more sustainable option. I pay attention to sustainability in my packaging, choosing recycled paper products instead of plastic, so why not expand that to the trimmings I use. If you purchased a bag from me or a retailer and the cord on your drawstring bag breaks, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via the form on my website or through my DMs on Instagram. I respond to all messages and queries.