Kids Masks

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Blind shipping only! Print may be Ankara print or other fun prints.

Double-layer cotton face mask with filter slot and waxed cotton ties. Not for medical use. This item includes one mask.


Size Information

These are handmade items and exact sizes may vary slightly

Child — 6 inches wide (across the face)  x 4 inches long (above the nose to below the chin). Should fit kids up to age 9 or 10 years old.

Tween — 7 inches wide (across the face) x 5 inches long (above the nose to below the chin). Should fit kids ages 10 to 13 or 14 years old. If child is on the larger end of the spectrum, size up to adult.


Your mask opens up to reveal an opening for a filter on the inside of the mask. Use a non woven fabric as a filter. Examples of nonwoven fabrics you may have at home are: grocery tote bags, tote bags from wine shops, dust bags for handbags and shoes, unused vacuum cleaner bags, coffee filters, used dryer sheets, or a double layer paper towels.

Please wash your mask in hot water and mild soap before using and allow your mask to air dry.

The center seam of the mask fits under the chin. Tie the waxed cotton cords around your ears securely, for your comfort. You can cut off any excess cording.

Machine washable. Do not tumble dry.